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Music Plays as a video of girl's playing with and water hose and water gun in a water fight.

Voice over: Hey, let’s talk about helping more of your customers say yes to their outdoor projects. On screen text: Put more "yes" into your business

Voice over: It happens when you offer the Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions program. On screen text: Yes to solid credit approvals

Voice over: Being able to book bigger projects is what Ken likes. On screen text: "The program helps us turn over larger sales." Ken Erwin Landscape Operations Manager of A+ Lawn and Landscape

Voice over: With easy online tools, you can spend less time chasing paperwork and more time doing what you do best. On screen text: Yes to easier processing

Voice over: Norm likes the easier application process thanks to the new mobile app. On screen text: "The new mobile application makes applying for credit faster and easier than ever." Norm Coburn Owner of New England Spas

Voice over: When you can count on competitive approvals that grow your business, you'll feel more confident offering financing. On screen text: Yes to solid credit approvals

Voice over: An increase in sales from a bump in approvals is what Annette likes. On screen text: "We love the high number of approvals, which means increased sales!" Annette Gall Controller of Gary Pool Sales and Services Inc.

Voice over: By offering your customers more types of financing, they’re able to find a plan that lets them go forward with the project. On screen text: Yes to more financing choices

Voice over: Holly likes the variety of financing plans the program provides. On screen text: "The number of financing options is one of the program's best benefits." Holly Collignon Owner of Northstar Energy Systems

Voice over: And since it doesn’t cost your business an arm and a leg, your balance sheet will like it. On screen text: Yes to affordable rates

Voice over: The program’s affordable rates are what Gary likes. On screen text: "We're very pleased with how affordable the program is." Gary Smith Owner of BBQ Grill Outlet

Voice over: Most of all, when financing works for you, your sales team, and your customers there are more yeses coming your way.

Voice over: Hey, good talk. To put more yes into your business today call 1-800-577-5191 or visit Wells Fargo logo. On screen text: Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions credit card program