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Whether you just opened a credit card offered by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank or you've been our customer for a while, you may find helpful information about your credit card account below.

To get started, select the category that best fits your needs:

Making my payment

You received your billing statement, and it's time to make a payment.

  • You have a few options for how to pay your bill:
    – Online at , virtually anytime, anywhere

    – Mail your payment to the address on your payment stub. Please detach the payment stub from your billing statement and mail it with your payment. If you don't have your billing stub, you may mail your payment to one of these locations:

    Sending my payment by standard mail
    Wells Fargo Financial National Bank
    PO Box 660553
    Dallas, TX 75266-0553
    Sending my payment by overnight mail
    Attn: Wells Fargo Financial National Bank
    1500 Dragon Street, Suite A
    Dallas, TX 75207



    – Call 1-877-805-7744 to pay over the phone with our automated payment service using your bank routing and checking numbers. Credit and Debit card payments are not accepted.

Helpful hints:

  • Make sure there are enough funds in your bank account to cover the payment amount. Otherwise, late fees and/or interest may be applied to your credit card account.
  • Make sure the minimum payment is received by the due date on your statement. Some electronic payment services still issue paper checks and send them through the U.S. postal service. Make sure you allow enough time for payments to reach Wells Fargo Financial National Bank by the due date listed on your statement.
  • .
  • You won't receive a statement from us after paying off your outstanding balance unless you make another transaction using your credit card account. You may confirm your zero balance on .

Frequently asked questions:

Can I pay ahead for future billing cycles?Show Details


No, you need to make at least the minimum payment every billing cycle. You may, however, pay more than the minimum payment at any time. Just remember, we must receive at least the minimum payment by the minimum payment due date each billing cycle. For example, if your minimum payment amount is $40 and you pay $70 by your due date in January, that amount won't cover both January and February minimum payments. You must still make the $40 minimum payment by your February due date.

Can I pay off my credit card account early without a pre-payment penalty?Show Details


Yes, you may pay your outstanding balance in full at any time.

How long should I allow for my payment to reach you?Show Details


We suggest allowing at least 7 – 10 business days for mailed payments, 3 – 5 business days for Wells Fargo Online payments paid using non-Wells Fargo bank accounts, 1 business day for Wells Fargo Online payments paid using Wells Fargo bank accounts, and 1 business day for payments by phone. If you use a bill payment service other than Wells Fargo Online to make payments with us, we're not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of your online bill payments.

Does my credit card account remain open after my last payment is made?Show Details


Yes, credit card accounts in good standing remain open for future purchases up to 18 months after you pay your outstanding credit card account balance to zero.

What to expect next:

  • Wells Fargo will process your payment upon receipt. You may check your balance and manage your account at .
  • If you have an outstanding balance, watch for your next monthly statement through the mail or electronically if you choose paperless statements through .