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Fraud Information

Assistance for identity theft victims

Assistance for identity theft victims

If you suspect someone has had unauthorized access to your Wells Fargo account(s) or your personal identifying information such as your Social Security Number or credit card information, please:

  1. Contact Wells Fargo

    Notify us immediately so we can take the necessary steps to protect you. Call us at 1-877-805-7744, visit us online at , or visit us at your nearest Wells Fargo location.

  2. Report the crime to your local law enforcement agency

    Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to report the theft. You may speak with a trained FTC telephone counselor by calling toll-free 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338), enter information about your complaint into a secure FTC online database at . The site also provides links to numerous consumer education materials.

  3. Place a fraud alert on your credit reports, and review your credit reports. Fraud alerts can help prevent an identity thief from opening any more accounts in your name. Contact the toll-free fraud number of any of the three consumer reporting companies to place a fraud alert on your credit report. (Refer to for additional information).

Limiting direct marketing received from outside sources

There are agencies and companies, including National Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, outside Wells Fargo that compile mailing lists for purchase by marketers. You may wish to have your name removed from many of these lists by following these procedures.

  1. Direct Marketing Association member companies

    To remove your name from direct mail lists of members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), you should send a written request with your name, address, and Social Security Number (if it was included in the mailing you received) to the Direct Marketing Association. The DMA is responsible for notifying its members (i.e. the agencies and companies that compile mailing lists) to remove your name from the lists they sell. Your name and address remain in the DMA's consumer exclusion files for five years.

    To contact the DMA by mail:
    DMA Mail Preference Service
    P.O. Box 643
    Carmel, NY 10512

    To contact the DMA online:
    Visit the DMA Web site at

  2. National Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies
    If you want to reduce the number of credit offers you receive, contact the National Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies at 1-888-567-8688 (1-888-5-OPTOUT). Financial institutions and other companies provide information to the Credit Reporting Agencies for credit verification, fraud control purposes, and identity theft prevention. You may request these agencies not sell or share your information for marketing purposes.

    You must personally register your own name and address with these organizations, because they can't process any requests from Wells Fargo. Be sure to include any variations of your name, address, and other information that have appeared in mailings or telephone calls you have received. Additional privacy provisions apply to the use of Wells Fargo's online services. See for more information.

Report Fraud:

Report phish and email scams to:

Lost/stolen credit cards or suspicious transactions:

Call 1-877-805-7744 to report your lost or stolen credit card or if you have noticed a suspicious online transaction.